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Welcome to the home page of the Deviant Spitfires. We are the resident fire dancing troupe of the Morbid Deviants. Contained within these pages is information about who we are, what we do, and where we do it. The photos section may contain some artistic nudity.

Current News

27 January 2007
Estrella War cometh! The Deviant Spitfires will be at War. While we can't burn, we will have glow and flag equipment out with us. Look for us both in the Deviant encampment every night, and performing Friday night when the Morbid Deviants host the Barony of Atenveldt's pavillion.

6 November 2006
There's a Deviants Party! All information can be found on the Morbid Deviants Site. The Deviant Spitfires - of course - will be there in all our fiery splendor.

14 August 2006
Wow, I've been lazy about updating this... Well, The Dark Ones were kind enough to have us to their August Party, and Wilgar took some amazing shots of us that I'm going to have up in the gallery soon. We've got a few random performances coming up. And, as the weather is starting to cool off, we're starting to kick things up again.

19 April 2006
We had a wonderful time at the Morbid Deviants April party. Everyone performed beautifully, and after taking the entire gallery down for a quick revamp, the new shots from the party are all up. Our thanks to Minion's brother, Matt, for taking the shots for us! Go and see yourself - he did an amazing job for us!

6 April 2006
Site news: The site is now up and live. All sections good and working. Logo is approved, and we're good to go. Gallery is up, working, and thanks to Merrick giving me a program to break me of the habit of coding in notepad, not a nightmare.
Spitfires news: There's a party in a week, and we'll be there and burning. Yay, party!

Top Ten Reasons The Deviant Spitfires Will Not Survive A Building Fire

10. "Ooooh... Trails..."
9. Rather than evacuating, we run to the bathroom to change into cotton clothes, wet down our hair, and grab a damp towel.
8. "Okay, what we do, is we put two people on that side, and we put two people over here, and we use the staffs to knock the burning timbers out of the way.."
7. "I'm safety trained! I can handle it!"
6. Jester starts riffling through the Ipod, "I know I have something that will work for this... Hmmm... 'Burning Down the House' is too cliche... What else... "
5. "HOBBY! HOBBY! I can blow through it!"
4. The whole place is stocked with ABC fire extinguishers.
3. Too busy attempting to somehow get the blaze to conform to NAFAA standards.
2. "No! I'm not going anywhere! I'm going to stay here and wait for my safeties just like I was taught."

...And the Number One reason the Deviant Spitfires will not survive a building fire:

1. Two words: "FIRE GOD!!!"