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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The 20th of November, 2012

Okay, as it's long been out of use, and I'm tired of having to keep cleaning up the spam, I've disabled the message board. The link now redirects to the Friends of Skullbend FB page. ~ B

The 19th of March, 2012
Ok seriously, The Morbid Deviants only exist outside the SCA now for a few parties. I just have been too busy to get the page up for House Skullbend.

All current information is posted on our Facebook group instead: Friends of Skullbend

We will be at Estrella, just like we were last year and the year before and the year before and so on.

The 4th of February, 2010

Yes, Skullbend will be attending Estrella War! More info is of course available on the Message Boards.

The 18th of October, 2009

Halloween Cometh!

We are indeed having our yearly Halloween party. Door prizes! Rocky and Repo! Costume contest! All the normal yearly fun!

We look forward to seeing everyone Halloween Night!

The 13th of May, 2009

Deviant High Holy Day is nigh upon us once more. To celebrate Merrick's 29th birthday, we will of course be having a party. Saturday, June 20th, starting at around 8PM, we will commense with the festivities. Drums, dancing, fire, jello wrestling, and all the normal festivities will commence!

Normal rules for a Deviant party will be in effect, so no kidlets, drugs, drama, or other unhappiness allowed at the party. Assume the party escort submision position or you will miss the party. Gifts of alcohol are very welcome. We *will* have the Jello pit for the party!

If anyone would like to be involved in setup, please contact me at bellana AT iamjackshrissue DOT com. I can also be reached by phone at 480-286-2047.

Stay tuned for more info!

~ Bellana NicMorgan
Lady of the Morbid Deviants

The 9th of February, 2009

Skullbend will be attending Estrella War!

We have received our land allocation with the Barony of Atenveldt and will be hosting revels every night! Stop by to see our list of themed revels and don't miss our Saturday night Masked Revel, celebrating our house's tenth anniversary!

All the normal rules are in place, so 18+ and 21 to drink, bring your ID, donations are always welcomed.

We look forward to seeing "all" of you then!

~ Lord Merrick and Bellana
Lord and Lady of House Skullbend

The 17th of August, 2008

Lord Merrick and Bellana wish to invite everyone to help us properly sinify our new home!

Yes, we have a new party site, and it's at our place! Starting Friday, September 12 at 7PM, running through Sunday, September 14 at 2PM, we're having the first true Deviant party in FAR too long! Rum! Dancing! Honey wench! Rum! Jello wrestling! Drumming! Fire pits! RUM!

All the normal rules are in place, so 18+, bring your ID, donations of help, financing, and alcohol are all very welcome, etc. Limited crash space is available - please ask us.

We look forward to seeing "all" of you then!

~ Lord Merrick and Bellana
Lord and Lady of the Morbid Deviants

The 6th of May, 2008
    To all my revel-deprived nymphomaniac chainsaw-wielding alcoholic bunny rabbits:

Deviant High Holy Day (aka my birthday) is fast approaching and we currently do not have a site capable of accommodating the kind of numbers that an 8ft jello pit and live band tend to turn out...

You provide a site this side of BFE with water and power for Friday the 13th - Sunday the 15th, we provide the wildest party you've ever seen. Even the lawn will be jealous! If anyone's interested, please bear in mind that we're bringing drums and fire pits, need crash (floor) space for intoxicated guests, your neighbors will probably call the cops at some point, we don't allow drugs at our parties, and as best as we attempt to control our guests, we make no guarantee as to the safety of your person, property, or possessions.

If you're not calling your therapist by this point, then drop me a line here or call me at 623-203-1425

-Lord Merrick
Head of the Morbid Deviants

The 28th of January, 2008
    Skullbend will be at Estrella! We have our land allocation and revels planned and will be there the entire time to entertain, beguile, and bemuse the weary travellers of this fine war.

The 24th Day of July, 2007
    HIGHLAND'S WAR HAS BEEN CANCELED! Due to extreme weather and flash flooding, Highland's War has been canceled. Information is available on the Highland's War Site.

The 8th Day of June, 2007
    My birthday party is scheduled for June 8th-10th, 2007. Bring a tent and a bottle, call some friends to carpool, and come enjoy our jello wrestling, live bands, and sexy games.

The 1st Day of April, 2007
    No, this is not an April Fool's joke. PLEASE keep your eyes open, all. I'm reposting it from the Barony of Atenveldt list.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sherri Alger"
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2007 9:01 AM
Subject: [Barony_Atenveldt] Pre Attend!!! Baronial Trailer has been STOLEN!!!!

All members of the Barony of Atenveldt and surrounding Baronies.

Upon arising early this morning we discovered that the small Baronial trailer had been stolen from our driveway.

We are asking anyone and everyone to keep an eye out for the trailer as well as its contents. Realistically the contents will mean nothing to anyone but other SCAdians so we are expecting that once the trailer was opened, it's contents were just abandoned. PLEASE keep an eye out for the small baronial pavillion, the traveling thrones, other regalia (carpets, banners, etc.), as well as our brand new (since Estrella) personal pavillion, personal carpets, our bed and linens, our heater (Mr. Buddy brand), tables, and various other typical camping equipment. We had packed this weekend in preparation for Festival of the Grapes. Obviously, this also includes the stuff that is necessary for putting up the pavillions, i.e. ropes, stakes, etc.

We will be checking all alleys and parking lots in our general area this morning, fanning further out as we go. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Please call us with any questions or if you find anything. We will be posting to as many lists as we monitor but PLEASE feel free to cross-post!

Baron Otto and Baroness Lisabetta
Barony of Atenveldt

The 26th Day of January, 2007
    Estrella War cometh! The Deviants will be out as always, and we have a wonderful collection of parties for everyone this year! You do NOT want to miss the Masked Party on Saturday. If you have ever wanted to party with the Morbid Deviants, but not to be seen partying with the Morbid Deviants, this is the perfect event! There will be party themes every night this year. It's going to be wet and cold, but that won't stop us! We have coverings for the carpet area, and plenty of alcohol! This is going to be one of our best wars yet!

The 11th Day of December, 2006
    A sincere thank you to everyone who made the long journey out to site to celebrate the winter holidays (including Bellana's birthday!) with the Morbid Deviants. Stay tuned for more information as we get ready for Estrella War!

The 8th-10th Day of December, 2006
    At long last, the Morbid Deviants are hosting another party! Come join us and party like it's 1599! I'm sure everyone's stored up plenty of energy with such a long break, so send us your crazy, your demented, your debaucherous! For map and directions, check the flyer!

The 14th Day of August, 2006
    Rocky is reopening in the Valley! Saturday, 2 September 2006, Rocky Horror opens again after FAR too long. Info is on the message board. We're all going to be there, and we're sincerely hoping as many of our friends as possible can make it as well.

The 3rd Day of July, 2006
    Due to lack of interest on behalf of the household, as well as lack of contributed funds, the Morbid Deviants will not be attending Highland's War as a household. Several of our members will be attending and camping various places, however, so we are available for guest appearances. ;)

The 20th Day of May, 2006
    We have successfully recovered from the last party! The next party is pending fundage, so stay tuned and we'll let you know when that is!

The 3rd Day of April, 2006
    The Deviant Spitfires now have their own site! Bellana finally got it finished and up.

The 10th Day of March, 2006
    Estrella was wonderful to us, and we all had a great time. Merrick will be posting an update to the history really soon (...and this time, we mean it!) with the update from the past three wars we have attended. Bellana now is helping with site updates, so we will have a few more updates here and there. We've got a few pages updated, with more updates to come, and there's the Deviant Tax Evasion party coming up in just over a month! And who says Deviants don't do anything. ;)

The 27th Day of September, 2005
    We went to Estrella, went to Highlands, I'm too busy/lazy to post history on them. I'll get round to it. ;) Parties keep on rolling out, but they're slowing down as funding is pretty tight. We're gearing up for the Halloween party and Estrella!

The 22nd Day of January, 2005
    War is coming to the burning sands of Atenveldt and the Morbid Deviants will be there! With only a few weeks left for war, we are getting things ready and plans finalized. If you would like to camp with the Deviants, seek membership in the house, or just help out with making our wonderful revels happen, post on the messages section or email me! As usual, we are always looking for more entertainers. Drummers, Dancers, Bards, and Fire Players (if they're allowed at Estrella this year).

The 7th Day of December, 2004
    It's about that time again! We're hosting another revel in a few weeks and then its just the big push to get ourselves to Estrella! Everything's coming together nicely, but there's still much to be done. We are mostly short on firewood and general funds for camp improvements. I hope to be posting a list of wants/needs for the upcoming Estrella so if anyone has them to sell, donate, or loan they can contact me. For now, we're just organizing for the party, and getting some of the rumors and misconceptions cleared up about the house. Let me make this clear. We ARE still a household. We ARE NOT affiliated in any way with Fate's Thread or any other household (beyond friendship). We ARE still throwing parties. We ARE going to Estrella. We ARE NOT allowing nudity inside our encampment this year at Estrella due to pressure from the B.O.D. and threats of legal action and/or removal from the site, should we continue to do the things that happen all over Estrella anyway (sucks being infamous, doesn't it?). We ARE going to card at the gate again this year, so bring your ID. I'm still working out the minimum age for entry and how our bar will operate.

The 6th Day of October, 2004
    Well, it's been a while since we let the world know what we've been up to, so I suppose it's time. Crown in March and the resulting Coronation were fun and interesting events for the Deviants that attended. We had a lot of fun especially helping to setup a bit for Coronation. Unfortunately, shortly after coronation, mundane issues got the better of many of our core deviants. Though we managed to pull off a few very entertaining revels, we have been basically scrambling to get things organized and make something of ourselves come time for next Estrella. As many of you may know, we have been receiving pressure from the SCA to cease and desist pretty much all of the activities that make our festivities any different or better than any of the other camps out there. In short, I do not know what next Estrella will hold for all our hopeful guests, but we WILL be attending and doing the best we've been *allowed* to do (never thought those words would come out of my mouth) to have one hell of a good time.

The 6th Day of March, 2004
    Tomorrow morn, a few of us Deviant folk will be attending the Atenveldt Crown Tourney at Estrella Mountain Park. We hope to be there in time for court (though I am notoriously late for everything) and are excited to watch the brutal battles, the outcome of which will determine our next King! Though we are not camping for this event, and I am not certain how late the house members will be around, all are welcome to seek us out and share a word or a drink. Just look for someone wearing our house device(two skulls and a bend as shown on our front page) or ask around for Merrick of the Morbid Deviants. Someone's sure to know where to find one of us... See you all there and good luck to all of the brave combatants participating in tomorrow's tournament!

The 4th Day of March, 2004
    Welcome to the new and improved, ultra-medievally-modernized MorbidDeviants.Com! We are always in the process of revamping, refining, and redefining ourselves and our web presence as a result of the events and suggestions that occur in the course of this house's existance. I sincerely apologize for this update taking so long (and the current unpolished state of the site), but I design and maintain the site in addition to running the house in addition to my normal SCA activities in addition to my mundane responsibilities... :) So I'm a bit busy at times (as any one who's attended our camp can attest!).

    We're still recovering from this latest Estrella War and welcome any suggestions or *constructive* criticism that any and all have to offer. The contact link is to the left and I check my email quite often. I am openminded and listen to everyone equally, so even if you dislike the Deviants, yet have a valid suggestion to make, I shall hear you out and respond in a civil and mature fashion. Surprisingly, some of our best suggested improvements have come from our strongest opponents (some of which are now considered good friends!). All that I ask is that you pay me the same level of courtesy and respect that my Deviants and I attempt to show to all that we encounter.

    The Deviants are working hard to determine which challenges we face as a house over the next year and to make preparations for the next Estrella War. In addition, we are all working to become more involved in the SCA and I even hope to enter a few competitions when I get some brew out there that's of an excellent quality (mundane issues prevent my brewing at the moment, though my last mead attempt was received with enormous praise). Now that things have settled down after war, I will be available for discussions and suggestions in person at fighter practice. For the record, the Morbid Deviants are based in the great Barony of Atenveldt, Kingdom of Atenveldt (Phoenix, Az). Hence, I shall be at the Encanto Park Fighter Practice on Wednesday from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Mundane irritations permitting, I hope to be there for most of practice at least 2-3 times per month. Failing that, I am always reachable by email or phone. My email is listed here. My personal phone number is available upon request.

    So enjoy the new site and be sure to check out our new message board ("Messages" on the nav bar). I hope that this site can become an effective forum in which our friends and enemies can come together to discuss the future of this household. I cannot stress enough that the Deviants are flexible and always listen with an open ear to the praise of our loyal friends, the comments of those that do not yet favor us, and the suggestions of both.